Saturday, February 24, 2018



We understand the importance of effective communication and realize that it is sometimes best to talk personally to discuss your situation. If you would like to get in touch via telephone:

  • Main: 313-965-6100
  • Facsimile : 313-965-6558


Our business culture relies on effective communication so we are always quick to respond to emails.
You may email any of us directly.

Alvin A.
Paul J. Manion
Vincent C. Rabaut, Jr.
Christopher L.
David M.
Anthony J.
Matthew A.
Dora A.
Dale A. Robinson
Amy E. Schlotterer
Matthew J. Thomas
Hillary M. Eagen
Katherine M. Beres
Tracy Hawkes
Dianne Hammond
Sandy May


For correspondence and deliveries, please use the following address:

333 West Fort Street
Suite 1600
Detroit, Michigan 48226